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This Blog is focused on early-stage technology ventures as seen from the Canadian angle with a particular flavour from the Ottawa, Ontario technology hub where Paul is based.

It intends to complement the wealth of information, blogs, websites, etc about the technology entrepreneurship, startups and so on often written from the US perspective.

About Paul

Paul Slaby likes to talk about his educational background as consisting of two degrees: a Ph.D. in technology and MBA from the School of Hard Knocks.

After a brief stint at Carleton University he spent the formative first decade of his professional life at BNR and Nortel Networks in various R&D and management functions.  Having been bitten by the infamous “entrepreneurial seizure”, he got subsequently involved in founding and running several high-tech ventures such as MicroSemiX, ATMOS, VoIPshield Systems, Kaben Wireless Silicon, and Yariba Tech.

As a founder, hired-gun CEO and an angel investor, he has experienced it all: successful exits, bitter failures and walking-wounded ventures. He is a keen student of the art of high-tech start-up and loves to share his experience. In spare time he is an adventure travel enthusiast and an avid sailor.

For more details, check out Paul’s bio on LinkedIn.


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