Yariba Tech

Yariba Tech is the name of my consulting company (yes, in addition to writing this blog I also engage in money-making work :-)). Here is a brief description of what that typically involves.

Different business scenarios call for different and appropriate solutions. Most of our engagements are contractual either short-term or long-term meant to address and resolve specific issues facing organizations. In addition, Paul Slaby will consider a Board or an Advisory position when there is a good fit and his contribution could make a difference. A list of specific areas where we have a successful track record and could provide immediate assistance includes:

Funding and Financing

Raising funding and working capital (private, BDC, ISTPP, IRAP, SRED, EMA, Accelerator, etc)

  • identifying the optimal sources of funding,
  • developing business plans and proposals,
  • managing and driving the financing process to a successful conclusion

International Business Development

  • developing expansion strategy, the marketing plan and securing government assistance
  • building up the M&S team including a network of representatives, distributors and part-timers
  • developing strategic business partnerships based on C-level relationships
  • negotiating complex business agreements

Contract Executive Term Contract Executive (C-level) in appropriate operational role

  • bring in fresh views, ideas and energy to your management team
  • address specific issues or opportunities facing your organization
  • relieve temporary pressures and workload pile-ups
  • project management to achieve specific objectives

Liquidity and M&A

  • developing monetization strategy for your business
  • driving M&A process

Executive coaching and training

  • seminars, talks and courses addressing issues of vital interest to executives and founders such as: leadership skills, what works and what doesn’t in high-tech startups, employee-entrepreneur transition, soft landing your venture, etc. Check the list of specific topics here.


  1. Hi Paul,
    Good info, great Blog, great site!


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